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Online bussiness fundamentals

How to brand yourself and your business

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube & Linkedin

Creating Email campaigns

Create content and set up a strategy

Bulding a complete sales process

Affiliate Marketing

Creating our own digital product.


Community support - Weekly meetings - Additional training and so much more.

What people are saying...

""I just launched three days ago and I just made my first sale. I can't begin to explain how grateful I am"

- Fanny.S

"I can't express how grateful I am for Zack & Hannah creating this MRR course!! I launched my own community with the course just like they did and I have made $3,650 so far this week! What a blessing to have stumbled upon this amazing opportunity!"

- Michelle

And a little bit about me..

As a new mom with a huge pile of debt I began searching for a way to pay off.

One day I stumble across digital marketing while scrolling Instagram and I began my journey. This was early 2023, and since then I've been studying this space - Turning every single stone.

Why I didn't start back then? I did. And I made sales. But life happened and I had to take the step back. That's when I promised myself to learn everything so that I could come back stronger with a solid goal in mind.

This right here isn't a quick fix. It's an opportunity to build something real that can generate an income for months and years. It's about you and your very own business.

I wanted to make sure I gave you the best tools to achive your dreams, that's why I studied. That's why I, in the background, has been creating 50 different freebies and taken every course on the market for the past year.

I know what it is to struggle, to be at rock bottom with no light in sight.

I've been there and I know there's a way out, but you gotta be willing to put in the work. If you do, I'm right by your side cheering you on.

Much Love - Mi

Are you ready to start?

The Course and Community.
1. Intro to Digital Entrepreneurialism

What is Master Resell Rights? Learn the different digital marketing opportunities. Understand the current digital marketing world.

2. Understanding your Niche

The important of a niche. How to find, experiment, understand and become yur niche!

3. Building a Solid Business Base

Business fundations! Crafting a vision and mission. Core Values. Business goals

4. Tailoring a Business to your Visison

Brainstorming, research the opportunities, analyze the market and finalize your idea

5. Branding essentials

Create a branding plan. Find your target market. Colours and logo.

Craft your business name, brand voice and more!

6. Business automation

What's a funnel? How to choose your system and the basics of an automates business.

7. Stan.Store

All things Stan Store! Create account, add products, costumizing, etc

8. Systeme.Io

Introduction. How to set up and optimize your account, build and edit all pages in a funnel, domains, payment methods, etc

9. Systeme.io (Pre-Built)

Get a Pre-Built funnel and learn how to personalize it for your brand

10. Email Marketing Mastery

Email marketing essentials, build a subscriber base, write impactful emails, design, automate and use advanced email techniques

11. Email marketing with StanStore

Understand and set up your email flow with StanStore

12. Email Marketing with Systeme.Io

Set up your email campaing, add a lead magnet, automate your emails, track your leads and add tags

13. Sale Strategies & Content Creation

Choose your content, Mindset, Sell with Storytelling, Attract the right audience, The art of closing the deal, plan your content and how to master the skill!

14. TikTok

Optmize your profile, create a tiktok, SEO and hashtags, pinned posts, edit your playlist etc

15. Facebook

Build a personal or business page, how to create a group, create long form content and short posts, specific facebook tips.

16. Instagram

Instagram basics, optimize your bio. All things reels and trending audios. Seo, captions and hashtags. Engagement tips and strategies. Content tips, hooks and call to actions etc

17. Youtube

Setting up your channel, power of playlists, creating videos, homepage strategies

18. Pinterest

Understand pinterest, set up your profile, creating and sharing pins, schedule content, analyze your content

19. LinkedIn

Understand and navigate the platform. Create a profile. Grow your network and nurture relationships. Analyze and take the next steps. Plus a 30 day challange!

20. Blogging

Setting up and promoting. Content strategy. Keyword research and seo. Optimizing blog posts.

21. Video Editing with CapCut

Learn how to edit your videos with CapCut! From the basic to using transitions and templates.

22. Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Comission types. Low vs High ticket. Find a product. Build your funnel. Lead magnets. Email autoresponder. Generate traffic.

23. Canva

Navigate the platform. Set up your brand kit. Design tips. Customizing a canva template. Create logos and social media templates. Download and organize.

24-28. Build a Digital Product

Build a written digital product, research profitable products, create a standout product, layout, pricing. Build a videos bases product.. Filming and editing. Platforms to host on. Pre-selling. Create your own course and how to host it on Skool and Kajabi

29-30. Scale with Customer Service

Boost productivity in your business, tools for efficiency, staying motivated, role of customer service, customer lifetime value.

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